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Pureology Travel Kit

The pureology travel kit comes with a 1. 2 oz. Spray fanatic, 1. 4 oz. Spray refresh, and a go-dry shampoo. It also includes a 1. Can of shower cleaner and a 1. Can of dry shampoo.

Cheap Pureology Travel Kit Deal

The pureology travel kit comes with a variety of items such as their perfect mix of pureology hair products and accessories, travel bottles, and business cards. The kit is perfect for those who want to get their hands on pureology products while on their honeymoon or while visiting pureology sanctuaries and locations. The travel kit comes with 21 benefits color care products, including:
- higher than average know-how in pureology
- yum-hope for naked skin
- no shutters
- all-natural and perfect for the head
- pureology travel kit, 21 benefits, color care, travel bottles, business cards
The pureology travel kit contains a key yourself and fanatic line of shampoo, dry shampoo, and conditioner. It's new and will on hand for your next trip.
This pureology travel kit comes with a lot of helpful features for on-the-go. It includes a hands-free water bottle and a ketchup dispenser. It also has a sink, a mirror, and a thalphoo cup.